Truffle Series

        A small chocolate lab, 10 months of age, was diagnosed with congenital double hip dysplasia.  She was too full of life, with a personality that would not allow me to take the only other path available besides surgery. It was not a choice made easily.  I thought of the pain, and the recovery period she would face.  After reflection, I decided that as a child, I had been through much of the same (I had polio, was paralyzed, and had to learn to walk again, with much rehabilitation).  If I could do it, so could my dog!  So, Truffle was flown to Orlando, and had her hips operated on.  She was in the watchful care of my daughter, Jacqueline, and her recovery has been excellent. 

To offset the investment I have made in my puppy, I am offering 50 small Truffle vignettes.  Each is an original painting depicting a special day in her life.  They come mounted on an acid-free backing board, and an acid-free mat as well. 

Each painting is 10” x 10”, and cost $100.

Email or call 340-776-6944 to purchase