Sea Fan Series

I came upon the idea of a sea fan pressing quite by accident.  While walking down the beach after a dive, I came upon a dried up sea fan on the shore.  It was a beautiful shape, so I put it into my sketchbook.  Being in a hurry, I threw dive weights on top, and left my sketchbook for a few days.  The sea fan and paints, along with  the weights, made a beautiful image.  I have been trying to replicate the same beauty, with varying results for the past several years. 

Sea fans are a soft coral, and are endangered.  They are in the family of Gorgonia ventalina.  The live sea fan faces the warm currents broadside to get maximum exposure of it’s surface to the food laden waters.  They are graceful in their motions and are anchored by the main stem. 

Many factors, including but not limited to, African Dust, bleaching, storms and rising water temperatures are all playing a part in putting coral on the endangered list.  The sea fans you find on the beach  most likely were killed by one of these things.  When I find sea fans on the beach, I use them in the pressing as a way to preserve them. Hopefully our future generations will be able to find them alive in the sea, but if not, they will have a representation in artwork, hanging on the wall.


Sea Fan Pressings