An Iris Giclee is a newer method of printing that creates an individually produced, high resolution, high fidelity reproduction, done on a special large formant Iris printer. This printing process has become highly regarded by many of the world's important fine artists, collectors, galleries and museums. Iris Giclee printing combines digital technologies with traditional print making which can take hours converting pixel by pixel into digital information. The finished product is then changed and corrected by the artist. After the proof is approved by Elaine, the digital file is then saved on disk and individual prints can be printed on demand. Giclee is a French word which means "squirt" and in the case of the Iris printers, it alludes to the fact that the printer nozzles squirt approximately four to five million microscopic droplets of ink per second onto the paper as the image is formed.  Normally the edition number is smaller than that of a lithograph, making these prints more valuable to a collector. In addition, the use of watercolor paper and expensive inks makes these prints the closest thing that you can purchase to an original.  All giclees may be special ordered to specific dimensions to fit your decor.  All giclees may be dedicated to you at no extra charge.

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Dinner for Two is a four Panel series available in Giclee or Canvas. Contact us for sizing and pricing